Holy Business

Project Description

Marry Lea is a devoted and loyal 40’ year old nun whom together with Marry Brigit, her follower nun, struggles with saving their youth shelter which faces a bank foreclosure prosecuted by Mr. Troy,
As they sit on Mr. Troy’s office on an attempt to extend the payment deadline, three robbers wearing nun habits engage on an attempt of robbing the bank. While Marry Lea waits for Bridget at the bank’s hallway reading the bible, Gabbie, the lead robber, runs into her and confuses the nun with one of the robbers. When both of them made eye contact, Gabbie point Mary Lea with her gun but gets distracted by Marry Brigit, who’s exiting Mr. Troy’s office. Mary Lea hits Gabbie’s head with the bible knocking her out and making sister Lea realize she has broken a big commandment. Afraid of Gabbie’s encounter, the nuns leave the bank. On their way out a second robber approaches the nuns and by confusing them with one of theirs, hands Marry Lea a big bag. The nuns and the robbers leave on their separate ways. After the bank incident, the nuns return to the youth shelter where Marry Lea realizes she might be able to save the shelter as she opens the bag which is filled with stolen money. They are now faced with deciding between returning the money or buying themselves a deadline extension.


  • Director