Can I sell You A Daydream?

Imagine you are on a long train ride... in the future. You ask the AI system what the entertainment options are.

AI: For today’s ride we have a wonderful original daydream.

According to many storytellers, the best stories are the ones you tell yourself. This idea is well reflected in movies that famously “don’t connect the dots.” Eg. 2001 Space Odyssey, Arrival and Annihilation. However it is also true that just as many people are drawn to movies that do connect all the dots. Eg. Star Wars, James Bond and Back To The Future. This latter kinds of stories (of which I’ll refer as closed stories) often attempts to put the viewer on a meditative state of willing suspension of disbelief in which their minds have no space to wander away from the sensory stimulation. In order to create stimulating closed stories, filmmakers often rely on high definition motion graphics, surround sound and other immersive technologies that grab the viewer’s attention. In VR the technology emitters are so close to the senses that it may be possible to induce non-willing suspension of disbelief. What would happen if we went a step further? How would stories be like if we could tell them directly to the brain? In other words, what do ideas look like? In my imagination, brain-induced stories will look like a combination of a foggy daydream and a highly immersive stimulating space.


There would be no metaphors, everything would make sense, no matter how absurd. The absurdity would feel like real life and though the story would start in the middle you would already remember the first act exposition. It could potentially be a tool for indoctrination, or cause induced schizophrenia in a truly post-truth world. It could also however be the most satisfying meditation experience. After experiencing it your dream analysis could reach deep personal realizations and epiphanies no other medium could induce.

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