My hands have surprised me,

I am a piano player… well my hands play the piano and I get the credit for it.

Last week I had a professor give me a challenging piano exercise, he gave me a week to learn the piece and I eagerly accepted without consulting my hands. I sat down at the piano and ordered my hands to perform the exercise but when my hands tried to play it became obvious that they weren’t able to do so.

That terrified me because I couldn’t tell the professor my hands can’t play the song, I’m the one whom gets the credit for it. I had to find a way to convince my hands to cope with me and so I decided to dedicate all of my time to spend with my hands, helping them with the song I knew how to play and they didn’t.

After days of hand mind communication it clicked. When we performed the piece, it was as my hands and my mind were just I. I guess I am a piano player.