It was a morning like most, I woke up, took a shower, decided what to wear, what to eat and what to take with me on my way to school. I walked downstairs to the main entrance, I mind-counted all the things I carried in my bag making sure I wasn’t forgetting any important educational tool; I greeted my lower floor neighbors whom lived in Paris but are lactose intolerant and dislike wine, that thought stayed in me as I walked down the street, then it hit me. The cold wind had made through my insolating clothes reaching a state of thermal equilibrium with the outside world and that data finally arrived in my brain.

The first thing to assesse was the fact that I was almost a third of my way to school and that I could make it there without medical emergencies. Survival established came the self opposing argument that temperature perception is exponential, therefore walking more then double I walked could mean my perceptual temperature had the potential of dropping more then half. I simulated the idea of generating heat by increasing my walking pace but concluded that there wasn’t enough data that corresponded to how efficient my cardio was in relation to my energy potential. Going back however would not only mean adding 66.6 percent more effort in my way to school because I had to add the non energy efficient implications of climbing the stairs.

As I turn the street I realize all my calculations were based in a closed ideal system and ignored external delays such as the train’s arrival frequency and the exponential vessel population that incises in every load until rush hour peak. Walking home could mean arriving to a busier train however a busier train also means a higher temperature gain during the trip.

At this point the amount of data becomes overwhelming and I start quantifying the influential value of each point I’ve brought up in order to prioritize ideas that more accurately indicate the level of comfort of both toughing up and walking home for a warmer jacket. Everything that relates to the train should be lowered in priority due to a greater randomness caused by human will, that prioritizes walking effort/ temperature generating coefficient.

Lastly once the defining method has been chosen I had to reacquire my data including the distance walked during this mental process, calculate the best rout and definitively arrive at a conclusion. And that’s when I realized I was meters away from my classroom.